Facebook goes hunting to “Like” fraudulent

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Facebook announced on Friday he would remove references to “Like” suspect, who do not come from people genuinely interested to support pages on the social network.

After the fake accounts (estimated at 83 million), here are fake “Like” Facebook . The social network allows its users long support page by clicking a tab “Like”. Yes but now, the “I” does not necessarily cover an individual, much less a person who “likes”. Via his Facebook page, the team in charge of security has announced that “efforts to improve its servers servers to remove references that would have been gained by means that violate our policy service.” “These efforts aim at removing + + I love earned through false statements or deception,” added the Facebook engineers who also 
refer to bulk purchases of words “I love.”

The social network, which receives a portion of its revenue from advertising, seeks to reassure advertisers already cooled Press Limited analysis which estimated that 80% of clicks on ads Facebook was fake. “This improvement will allow pages to produce more relevant and interesting content, and brands will have a better idea of the support they gather around their content,” still has the team on his page. The firm of Mark Zuckerberg , based in California, hopes to reduce to less than 1% share of mentions “Like” suspicious due to his efforts in this regard.

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