Facebook founder gets into politics to fight for immigration

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The social network founder complains of what the law is stricter than in the United States, which torpedoed the talented foreign contracts.



The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , is forming a political group that will focus on the liberalization of U.S. immigration and the visa system. The new political group will be led by Jon Lerner and Rob Jesmer, right wing political advisers GOP billionaire 28-year-old has already donated 100 million dollars (78 million euros) to the public school of their home state, New Jersey, and now is ready to invest another 20 million (15.5 million euros) in this project along with his former roommate at Harvard University, Joe Green.

addition investors continue to seek more funds. The founder of Facebook is complaining about how strict is the immigration law in the U.S. whose control preventing them from hiring foreign talent and foreign graduates. Earlier this month, 99 CEOs and other senior wrote a letter to President Barack Obama and congressional leaders, urging them to develop plans to address this problem. “Many highly skilled immigrants who want to stay in the United States are forced to leave because they can not obtain permanent visas,” the authors wrote.

Obama Government priority

The former secretary Bill Clinton’s press is also involved in the campaign

“Some do not bother and not to come first,” they said. His new political group will be led by Jon Lerner and Rob Jesmer, right wing political advisers GOP, according to the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle”, collected by “The Telegraph”. However, it also provides information that the former secretary’s press Bill Clinton and head of public relations for Facebook, Joe Lockhart , will also be involved in the campaign group. Senators from both parties are working on the details of a bill to reform the U.S. immigration system, which Obama named him as one of their priorities after the oath for his second term in the White House. This project is expected to open a path to citizenship in the U.S., at least for some of the 11 million illegal immigrants are estimated to live in the country.

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