Facebook fixes issue with phone number search

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So far, hackers have a simple script to read even hidden phone numbers of Facebook users in the same dozen.Facebook puts a stop to this now.

A few days ago, security expert Suriya Prakash made on a security issue of Facebook attention. On the search of Facebook can type in the name not only to find the corresponding person, but also phone numbers. If you have entered your number, you can see by default in public.While it is the display of the phone number in their profile to friends only. They are discoverable but then continue using the phone number. Anonymity, there is only if you are under “Privacy Settings, Operation of connections – edit settings”. The default “All” in “Who can find you based on information you provided e-mail address or phone number?” In “Friends” or “friends of friends” to convert. This security issue affects the search. She was not Facebook limited. 
Prakash has indicated that after writing a simple script that gives him 850 records. Names of related records from plus telephone number are sought after in the advertising industry. Another security expert, Tyler Borland wants to have even geschriben a script that will allow up to ten queries per second and can search using a botnet of 100,000 computers across Facebook within days. Facebook has closed the security hole own statements to now by The social network has set up a search limit.Limiting allowed per IP address only a certain number of searches for the phone number of a user. According to Facebook, it had not acted as a bug, but a feature. However, now you’ve put a stop to abuse.

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