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Zynga and social network reached an agreement to reduce their Internet connection, the creator of Farmville firm will have greater freedom to operate an online site individually.

Facebook and Zynga have always been closely linked, but this week the companies signed an agreement to make your relationship a little more distant.

A pair of regulatory paperwork filed Thursday revealed that Facebook and Zynga have altered the terms of a five-year contract signed in late 2010.

The new agreement relaxes restrictions for both companies, social network and Zynga, the game developer that contributed 13% of revenue from Facebook in the first nine months of 2012.

As of now, Facebook will be free to develop their own games (the previous agreement forbade it). That part of the agreement is not very good for Zynga, which reduced both its workforce and its outlook for 2012 last month after announcing disappointing results for some of their games.

But Facebook issued a statement saying that “we are not in the business of creating games and have no plans to do so. We are focused on becoming the platform around which to create games and applications.”

However, Zynga investors led the FarmVille maker’s shares fell 11% in after-hours trading. Facebook shares remained unchanged.

Much of the amended agreement is positive for Zynga, which shook some shackles that bound her to Facebook.

The company does not have to use Facebook as a way to access exclusive gaming Zynga.com the newly launched site, which the company expects to become an independent gaming destination.

And what is even more profitable: Zynga is not required to use the Facebook advertising or virtual payment system Zynga.com. That system typically gives Facebook a 30% slice of all sales made through it.

Finally, the video game company and not be required to use Facebook “as its main platform other than Zynga”. However, any new game be launched on Facebook at the same time, or soon after his debut Zynga.com or any other social platform.

One thing particularly revealing: Facebook will not stay marginalized now that Zynga moves toward gambling, where the real money. In countries where Zynga offers these games (which are banned in the U.S.), the new rules say that Zynga has to offer those games in Facebook if the local site Facebook allows.

Zynga closed its first gaming agreement last month with bwin.party, an international operator of such games. FarmVille creators plan to launch poker and casino games early next year.

In an emailed statement, the Chief Revenue Officer of Zynga, Barry Cottle, said the amended agreement “continues our long and successful partnership while giving us the flexibility to ensure the universal availability of our products and services” .

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