Facebook Event Page Redesigned.

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Facebook has finally confirmed the redesign of a key area within its social platform: the events section. Starting today, users will begin to receive the update to their accounts, including his new view mode “calendar”, which allows you to view all events this month.

The redesign came about as a project within hackathon held last year and will replace the old service, which in recent times did not work out the best way (many invitations ended up lost among the dozens of claims that arrive every day, and check them involved review a confusing list of events in a reading unclear).

With the new structure, Facebook promises a much clearer display, highlighting the birthday of every day, RSVPs and the events they are invited.Thus, “forget” a birthday will be much more difficult, since the design will know in advance when approaching any important date. You can even navigate through the different months of the year to stay abreast of all developments, both future and past (for example, the calendar shows those dates that have been tagged in photos or other actions).

In addition, another very interesting feature that incorporates the platform is the ability to export events are scheduled in other services such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Therefore, users who possess an intense (and messy) social life, will now be able to lead a social event calendar much more orderly, courtesy of Facebook development team.

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