Facebook deprived people the opportunity to vote on changes to the site

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The world’s largest social network Facebook has refused voting on this or any other innovations that start automatically when entry is received more than 7,000 comments from users.

The system, which was launched back in 2009, provided that the developers made proposals to change certain principles of the size or the network can be rejected or modified by the user, if against the innovations expressed a simple majority, provided that the turnout of more than 30% of users network.

According to the vice-president of Facebook Elliot Schrage, responsible for public relations and marketing, this system was abolished, in particular, because of the rapid growth in the number of users in October pass for a mark of 1 billion people.

“We found that the mechanism of voting, running a number of comments, as a result has become a system that stimulated the growth of a larger number of comments to the detriment of the quality  of those comments,” – Schrage writes in his blog.

Now, the feedback from the users Facebook intends to obtain through the use of several new tools, including a forum where you can ask questions to the executive director of compliance of privacy (chief privacy officer, CPO) Erin Egan. In addition, Egan will periodically talk about the planned changes through online broadcasts in real time.

Facebook also promises to provide notification of all users of the policy changes through e-mail and let them 7 days to send your feedback and suggestions, with a significant number of which may also be running the voting  procedure .

Additionally Facebook announced several changes in filtration systems for personal communications and publications in the news. One of the innovations – is the ability to synchronize user accounts in Facebook and photo service Instragram.

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