Facebook deletes wrong “Likes”

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Facebook has declared war on false likes and wants to be addressed by improving automated mechanisms. The deletion should fall victim Likes to pages when they “were obtained by means that violate the terms of Facebook.”

The company bases its action with the importance it the “true identity of both users and brands on Facebook” attaches. It was important for the mission of the social network, to connect the world – but even then, when people and customers have with sides in contact, in which they have particular interest: “If one side and a fan connect to Facebook, then We want to ensure that a real person is behind this connection that wants to know more about this page and to deal with the contents of the brand. “

“These are once again improved automatic Likes remove such efforts if they were obtained by malware, compromised user accounts and deceived or bought en masse,” it says in a blog post from Facebook Security. “While we have always had special protections against each of these threats on Facebook, these improved systems have been specially configured to identify suspicious Likes and take action against them.”

The obvious background of these activities do not even mention Facebook Fake user accounts and fake clicks “Like” on the button to generate Likes jeopardize the already battered confidence of advertisers in the social network. In early August had Facebook concede that it is at 8.7 per cent of all members’ accounts to fake accounts is, therefore profiles with invented details.

In July, the BBC questioned the value of Likes. Rory Cellan-Jones undertook for a simple experiment by creating a Facebook page for a fictitious London-based company called “Virtual Bagel” einrichtete. By paid advertising on Facebook, he scored more than 3,000 short-clicks “Like” by users, although the advertised business had nothing to offer. Most Popular Virtual bagel appeared in Egypt to be Indonesia and the Philippines – but rarely in the U.S. and Britain.

Facebook dismissed the criticism of the value of Likes back initially, but appears to be a lesson to have been brought. According to the announcement page has on average expected the deletion of less than 1 percent of Likes – provided the site operators and their partners shall comply with the conditions. Accordingly, it might seem so embarrassing when sites lose much more of their inflationary Likes.

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