Facebook copy the ‘hashtag’ to Twitter

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Facebook will incorporate the command hashtag (#), invented by Twitter, which seems increasingly direct competition to improve search-and group comments on the same subject, as published by The Wall Street Journal.

The famous  pad allows Twitter users to easily track a current topic without opening a browser. The hashtag followed by the keyword in question (potato or evictions) is a convenient tool to know everything that is written and said on that network on a particular topic.

The Wall Street Journal warns that hashtag will not be introduced immediately in Facebook, although it adopted to group the comments. It would be a complement to the internal search engine, launched in January, and that shows a history of messages, photos or videos, open or accept a user and the “likes” that have been introduced on an issue or service. This search does not teach the comments that are being generated right now.

Install or not Facebook the hashtag is being seen in the last year a process of convergence between the two major social networks, which are looking more, though born with very different skills. If Facebook has added graphical enhancements and search engines, Twitter, the simple 140 characters, is expanding its services to include music minivídeos and soon, as well as incorporating a history of personal tweets. For now, Facebook doubles to Twitter in number of users.

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