Facebook changes the interface of the social network messages

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Given all the hype that is being generated by the status of Facebook in the stock (the shares have come to fall to half the initial value which entered the park in New York) and the information relating to it, the social network growth is running in the background. However, one of the constants that are living in the end times are improvements being introduced in stages social network, trying to improve the experience of using this service and adapt to the ever-expanding user community. The last of these changes affect theinterface of Facebook messages.

A first look at this change shows a marked improvement over the way they were handled earlier messages.The new interface places a catalog of all contacts with whom we have shared posts to the left of the page (be placed in chronological order) and when you select one of these contacts message history written and received appear to the right of the page. Keep in mind that this record will also include the interactions we have made with the contact , such as sharing photos or comments on their status updates.

In a sense, this new organization resembles that is being used, for example, for the email app Windows 8 , and is generally quite intuitive organization that can improve the management of interactions among users. Another advantage of this new interface is the full search engine that incorporates, with which we can trace through all kinds of messages related terms.


Also, for those users who are used to using keyboard shortcuts to speed up different functions, the new messaging interface can display a list of keyboard combinations if we press Alt + Q in Windows (Control + Q if you are using a Mac (). Facebook has started rolling this already, but still may take a few days or weeks to be available to all network users. What do you think of the change and do you think this will improve the use of popular network social?

Facebook is going through a difficult time due to its failed IPO (the highest of expectations has been talking openly of failure and the great social bubble). The founder of Facebook itself would come to characterize the situation as “painful” and has gone from being one of the largest fortunes in the technology field to peel for being in the top ten in just a couple of months. The big problem facing today Facebook is their inability to make profitable mobile platform, a way in which access usually over half of social network users (over 500 million).

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