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 The members of Facebook groups are in luck because they will soon be able to share files through Dropbox without leaving the social network. Thus, each and every one of the modifications made in the archives of the storage service will be seen -and if they wish-edited by the components that make up the Group.

Dropbox has announced its integration with Facebook Groups since its official blog. This update is still not available to users in Spain. Nevertheless, although they have not specified in the official publication, is expected in the coming days Spanish users see in their planks Group sharing option files from the service the cloud.

   This update of Facebook Groups will also appear in the versiones mobile service as ‘tablets’ and smartphones.Regarding privacy, Dropbox has issued a clarification in its help section which states that only have access to Facebook a link to the file, basic data such as name and file size, you can also display a small preview image.

   The user information you can access Dropbox -provided the user consents to-be: basic profile information, email address and the groups to which the user is in contact Facebook.

   As you know Dropbox users, when a user invites a person to share a file, the guest only has access to this and not the other files you have uploaded to the cloud. This premise also meet in Facebook groups, so that group members can only access the file that has been shared.

   Once Spanish users receive the update, which for the moment does not appear in the Facebook groups-may begin to share and edit files whose changes will be seen by their peers automatically.

   The process for Dropbox file sharing on Facebook is simple.Once the user is on the page of a group need to visit only section for writing comments and click ‘Add File from Dropbox’.

   Once the user has chosen to link Facebook to your Dropbox account, you can search through your Dropbox and select what you would like to share. All documents, photos or videos that have been shared Dropbox be displayed on the group’s wall.

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