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They were born six months ago with only five employees. Storylane, after receiving $ 2.8 million from investors to launch, becomes part of Facebook, the largest social network in an amount that has not been revealed. More than a purchase of content, it is the acquisition of a purchase of technology and talent.



At this time just have become popular, but they do have a reputation for presenting the content. Their dynamic is very similar to Medium , the latest creation of Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter. From images, text, photos and video application creates a timeline, interspersing audiovisual content. One way to strengthen, just as newly renovated multimedia presentation,

Storylane focuses on new narratives. Converts the contents in something closer and emotive. Their motto is: “The dreamers, creators, travelers and stubborn. Explores and contributes to the library of everything important in our lives.”

The first result of the sale is the inability to register. Not accepting new members. Jonathan Gheller, creator of the service, explains the reasons for the sale in the farewell message : “We have an exciting opportunity.’s mission is to connect the world Facebook as never before made ​​promoting human relations professionals and special way.”

Gheller clarifies that Facebook has not been done with the data or content of the platform. “We are building the platform to migrate files and export them to other services if you will.”

Only a week ago that Mark Zuckerberg went shopping. were made ​​with Atlas , dedicated to the measurement and audience analysis, previously of Microsoft, in an amount estimated at about 60 million euros. In April 2012 employed 765 million in Instagram, then the application of fashion.

However, to become part of Menlo Park giant is no guarantee of success. Friendfeed should know. This aggregator was taken over by Facebook in August 2009 for $ 15 million in cash and 32 more in stock.While still running, not note any progress or development. It is part of archeology 2.0.

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