Facebook begins testing emotions in comments

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The Facebook is starting to test the use of emoticons in the post’s comments. The appeal was launched without any official announcement from the company, being discovered by some users who typed most curious symbols and were surprised by the display of known “faces”.

Emoticons are well known designs include the internet and – from traditional – many faces, hearts and other symbols more curious as penguin and robot. However, the set of symbols available through Facebook does not bring all the famous designs (check out the chart at the end of this article).

Facebook also recently added emoticons in your mobile applications. However, for these devices is used a different set of images that apparently can not be recreated in conversations or comments. The web resource is still in the testing phase, which precludes the use in status updates or other posts, and you can only use them in the comments.

List of emoticons provided by Facebook (Photo: Play / Facebook Chat Emoticons)) (Photo: List of emoticons provided by Facebook (Photo: Play / Facebook Chat Emoticons)))

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