Facebook becomes a ‘personalized newspaper’

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The first thing you see upon entering is that the Facebook page called ‘News Feed’, a summary of news, photos and video highlights to our friends, family and acquaintances have decided to share in the social network. Section is best known and which occur most of the interaction between people and increasingly more frequent, with brands.



From now on users to try it in its early ‘beta’ notice that it looks different.Facebook has decided to give a thorough face lift to bring prominence to images and news . “It’s like a personalized newspaper,” said Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the company.

The new design will show photos and videos on a larger size, grouped intelligently shared the news and allow interest filter content . It is a much cleaner design. Also is wider because the tool takes messaging and applications to a left sidebar, giving more space to the main content.

In general, the makeover shares some elements with the social network version for phones and tablets , which will also have a slight design change in the coming weeks.

Exploiting the benefits of advertising

With this new strategy, Facebook hopes to increase the time that users spend on the social network but also create a more effective vehicle for custom (principal means of financing for the company).

The new design will be available initially only to a small group of users , who decide to participate in this phase ‘beta’ . In the next few weeks will be extended by all social network profiles.

Right now Facebook now has more than 1,000 million people registered and is arguably the most successful social network. In recent months it has grown its number of competitors , with alternatives such as Google+.

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