Facebook asks its engineers who use Android phones to test your application

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Facebook wants that market trends are reflected first in his own home.Thus, the largest social network of the Internet has launched a campaign among its employees in which they are asked to change their business for iPhone ‘smartphone’ apps.

In this way, know the problems that arise in the ‘app’ of Facebook in the largest space ‘smartphone’ in the world.The Google’s mobile operating system is now used by the majority of smartphones in the world, with a wide supremacy against its closest rival Apple.

Facebook is aware that the current trend keeps track of Android and wants to be the first to know bet on this operating system.

To that end, the campaign has spread Droid fooding gardens Company in Menlo Park, California, as reported by Techcrunch .The initiative has several charts that reflect Google’s lead in 2016 and claim that this software will be at the Apple device twice.

Also, sources have told TechCrunch Facebook’s offer Android devices has improved benefits for employees of Facebook.

The goal is for employees to prove the Facebook application and redirect their suggestions immediately. To do this, they have an app called Shake Rage, which sends a report of damage to system engineers when the phone shaken vigorously.

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