Facebook asked users to vote for the abolition of Polls

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Facebook holds, perhaps the last in the history of social networking among users of the vote. The company asked users to comment on the impending abolition of the traditional Web referendum on any innovations relating to their accounts. According to the current order, the voting will start automatically, if a company’s offering brings together more than 7,000 comments, and the results are noted, if the survey involved no less than 30 percent of users.

Existing since 2009, the mechanism of Facebook promises to replace the more qualitative feedback, which is designed to facilitate the planned unification of the social network data with other companies controlled services such as Instagram.

If the last sentence of Facebook will not receive a response or 7000 numbers to cast their vote against a billionth of its audience will be less than 300 million, it will mark the beginning of a new era in the history of the social network – no user voting. Log into the ranks of concerned, leave a comment on the company.

Despite the cancellation of voting, Facebook offers to save a seven-day period in which everyone can express their opinions on the changes in company policy. Reach out to the leadership of the social network will be using two new instruments: the option “Ask the Chief Privacy Officer”, which allows to apply directly to the Director, Privacy Erin Egan, as well as regular webcasts with her, during which users will also be able to ask questions.

Facebook tabled data sharing its controlled companies, including Facebook Ireland, Facebook Payments and Instagram. In practice, this means that the social network will be able to use to your preferred photo-sharing service in the location and offer a variety of service options are available in the area.

Rejection of the referendum associated primarily with increased audience social network. In 2009, when the voting mechanism was introduced, the number of Facebook users is 200 million. But since then, the number of users has increased by 5 times and has grown to a billion, build 7000 comments became too easy task, but to overcome the 30-percent threshold and gain 300 million votes was almost impossible.

However, the growth of the audience is not the only reason which forced the company to change its policy. Great influence on the decision rendered movement “Europe Against Facebook», organized by the Austrian law students Shremsom Max, who opened a site with information about how users can have their own Facebook profiles.

War with the company 24-year old student of the University of Vienna is from last year, when, thanks to a few well-written request, he made sure that the California office sent him Facebook CD-ROM with all the personal data collected in the three years of its activity on the site, writes Habrahabr . Alarmed by the number and detail of data Shrems launched campaign encourages people to overwhelm Facebook similar requests, which generated interest Irish Committee on Data Protection, which opened its own investigation

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