Facebook announces ‘Social Protection’ to enhance the privacy of its users

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  • The security tool has been developed by the company McAfee
  • Coincides with the announcement that the social network has 83 million fake accounts
  • The user can prevent people to download or share your photos

The security company McAfee and Facebook social network launched in late August ‘Social Protection’, a product intended to improve the privacy of social network users, as they allow these to control who can view your photos and to prevent people download them, share them or make screenshots.

In fact, the person attempting to do any of these actions will display a padlock in the picture that tells you that the photos of that user are protected, officials have assured Facebook.

“The facial recognition tool applied to control the trace of the pictures”

Protecting the identity of the user of the social network is another area that will covered the ‘plug-in’ of the security company. Since, via a software face recognition will warn the user that someone has uploaded a photo where you can leave .

This security tool will be available for PC users with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome in late August. Soon after, ‘Social Protection’, will be coming to Mac users by the end of 2012 will be the turn of the iPhone OS and Android devices.

A move intended to strengthen users

This is good news for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, as this Thursday announced that Facebook has 83 million fake accounts , so Launches ‘Social Protection’, which could be one of the jostling that helps the company to gain confidence among its users.

According to a report by the company, 8.7% of all Facebook users have fake accounts, among which are those that have two accounts, businesses, animals or those created profile to send spam and damage the web.

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