Facebook and mobile instant messaging: do not buy WhatsApp

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Perhaps the rumors that Facebook was interested in buying WhatsApp were not entirely unfounded. The facts that have surrounded the news, the company history and new sources continue to say things that seem to confirm this.But that interest is history, since it appears that WhatsApp not allowed to buy.

Facebook is unprecedented before building a new service on its own, usually opt for trying to buy a company that is having more success in it. The most notorious example is that of Instagram, purchased about the time when Facebook launched Camera . But then there is also the story of the failures of the startups that Facebook tried to buy apps they did while throwing competition.

When Facebook launched App Center, for example, tried to take App.net. According to its founder Dalton Caldwell says, the social network executives explained “you hate having to compete with the” interesting product “that had been created, and that I am” a good guy with good reputation ” wanted to buy my company to help them App Center building. “ And then there was also buying when they launched Karma Gifts.

So what happened with WhatsApp?

Then there is the whole issue of WhatsApp they jumped this week began rumors that Facebook was interested in the mobile instant messaging service and the next day, Facebook updated its Messenger app in some countries removing the restriction of having to be user the social network for use. In other words, Facebook became WhatsApp Messenger in. What happened in between?

According to several sources have claimed close to the companies, Facebook itself was interested in taking WhatsApp in the past, but negotiations came to fruition In WhatsApp simply are not interested in selling  and not frightened by the supply-threat that Facebook makes startups to “we would not have to sink your app interesting.” At the end of the day, WhatsApp is the leading IM app, despite having increasing competition (Line, Joyn …).

What remains is to know when it will get the new Facebook Messenger to other countries (for now is only in India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa) and iOS. As said Peter Deng, director of product management at Facebook, this week, “as soon as possible.” WhatsApp Will steal your user base? Will finally moving to take off your income? The promise of instant messaging is great. You just have to wait and see if it becomes reality.

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