Face Unlock in Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is very insecure

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich striking innovation brought to the operating system, the Face Unlock , allowing us to unlock the screen showing our face to the device. If we recognize, is unlocked, if we recognize, we had no access to mobile unlock unless you know through the secondary system. However, it was very easy to use a photo of that person to unlock. In Jelly Bean has tried to solve this problem, however, some have already found ways to circumvent security.

In Ice Cream Sandwich was very simple. You took a photograph of the person owning the phone. A photo that you could throw yourself with any other phone, or could be achieved in their profiles and images of social networks. It showed that the device is unlocked and the display by recognizing the owner of the phone. Google had to do something to increase the security of this system, unlock screen. Thus, for Jelly Bean opted for a small video, instead of an image. In this short video, the user blinks. What do you get with this? For a photograph and not worth it. The photos are fixed, and it would be much chance to find two identical photographs, where the only difference is that the subject comes in a flash and the other not.

However, some users have used their imagination and have been to try to get unlock your device from a still image.Only’ve missed a bit of Photoshop, but it would even itself with Windows Paint. To begin, take a picture of the owner, blindfolded, by painting the same color as the skin, and below these, put a black stripe. Already have caught it? Combine this with the previous image alternately. What we have achieved is an image in which the eyes are open, and another that is closed. And alternating these, we are getting the flicker effect. Above you leave a video on how you can do.


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