Exynos 5 new processor for smartphones and tablets: Samsung

Samsung’s new dual processor Exynos 5 has two cores and will be twice as fast as the currently installed in smartphones and tablets of the previous Exynos. Despite the double the power of the power consumption was reduced by 30 percent. According to the official website for the new processor is based Exynos 5 Dual ARM’s are clocked at latest Cortex A15 processor whose cores at 1.7 GHz. It is produced in the 32-nanometer process.

The generation of the previously used Exynos – the Exynos 4 – based on the ARM Cortex-A9, for example, comes with all Galaxy smartphones and tablets are used. In the recently introduced Tablet Galaxy 10.1 rating , Samsung uses a quad-core version of the fourth Exynos.
When Exynos 5 Dual Samsung has improved multimedia performance including the performance compared to its predecessor. Thus, the mobile devices can now be content with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 pixel display on the display. The playback of full HD content (1080p) was previously at 30 frames per second and with the new processor with 60 frames per second.

As a graphics processor in the ARM Mali Exynos 5 Dual T604 is included with 4 cores, which will also help to conserve battery power. In addition, USB 3.0 is supported, so that we can soon expect with the first smartphones and tablets that provide a port for USB 3.0, which allows faster data transfer on the device.
The new processor is already in production, according to Samsung. Thus, it would be only a matter of time before Samsung introduces also the first smart phones and tablets, in which the Exynos 5 dual is used.

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