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Last week a U.S. jury decided that Samsung must pay Apple more than U.S. $ 1000 million in damages after finding that the South Korean company violated several patents that Apple had in designing and operating system of mobile communication devices.

The jury rejected the demands revocation of Samsung, under which the iPhone maker had not licensed their technologies detail.

The final decision on the case is yet to come. In theory, the judge could triple the amount of the payment, because the jury said Samsung’s actions were “deliberate”.

Now Apple seeks to ban the sale of eight of the phones involved in the lawsuit.

The verdict has been very controversial. Samsung plans to appeal, and has warned that customers face “fewer choices and less innovation and potentially higher prices” if convicted.

For its part, Apple said the lawsuit is about values and that the verdict has sent “a strong and clear message that stealing is wrong.”

The BBC asked three technology experts based in the U.S., the UK and South Korea to give their views.

Pushing innovation

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst based in the U.S. to Gartner, a technology consulting firm, believes that the verdict is a big win for Apple and is a warning to other intelligent device manufacturers.

The impact on sales of Samsung in the United States will not be dramatic: most of the devices that were found offenders are older models.

If you look at all the comments on the decision, there are two camps: either stop or activate innovation. Chose the latter. I think that sellers will be driven to generate a more varied, and that’s what they had to do at first.

Many vendors are competing in the same ecosystem: we must be innovative, you have to be unique, you have to see what works for the consumer.

For the consumer does not think there is a loss. Why would there be?Back to the drawing board with something different is just profit for the consumer.

It was interesting to see that Nokia shares rose after the news. Will the new alternative Windows Mobile Phone? For a seller, put all your eggs in one basket is never a good thing.

Will future wars?

Jasper Kim, the founder of Global Research, a consulting company based in Seoul, South Korea says it can be perceived as a failure because the trial was unfair in USA. That feeling, he says, could trigger a patriotic reaction against Apple products.

I think the failure is not the end of the war between Apple and Samsung, but the beginning.

In the past Apple was not identified as an American company, but as a technology giant. That may change soon.

The risk that Apple is facing anti-US sentiment. and anti-Apple surprise in a country that has been tilted for their products. I say surprisingly because the rapidly increasing popularity of iPhones and iPads has happened in the backyard of Samsung.

An anti-Apple sentiment could end that and adversely affect sales of the next edition of the iPhone in South Korea.

Samsung may also request that certain Apple products are prohibited in South Korea in the future.

At the same time, the South Korean firm may appeal at least twice against U.S. failure in U.S. appeals court and then the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thus, while the trial ruled that Apple wins the great battle, the celebrations will have to wait a while.

Apple has won the battle, but has yet to win against Samsung legal war.

Winners and losers

Zack Whittaker, a British taxpayer to tech site ZDNet, believes the biggest loser after the judgment is the consumer.

Steve Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” against Android, but it was Tim Cook Apple who carried into battle. For now, this ruling is the legacy of the year that brings Cook in Apple’s presidency.

Despite the ruling in favor of Apple and Samsung financial bruise, the end user will be the most likely to suffer.

Samsung claims that consumer choice may be limited by the judgment, and we have yet to see how this will play in practical terms, but also have to pay more money for the privilege of using a device that is rival Apple.

Much of the attention has focused on Apple and Samsung, instead of who actually benefits from the judgment. Microsoft has completely escaped with their unique user interface, like the RIM Blackberry terminal.

In the event that you cut the wings to Android, we could see a modest revival of these brands were strong some time already.

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