Experience failures in Microsoft Outlook and SkyDrive because of the migration of users

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Microsoft has received in recent days numerous reports of problems in their Outlook servers and disruption to the SkyDrive service, during the user migration is underway.



Last month, Microsoft announced the final migration of users from the mail service to the new Outlook Hotmail . According to the announcement of the U.S. company, this migration would occur with a process short and smooth , with the initial possibility it was an optional process. Therefore, the company modified in part the operation of services, lightened the user interface and increased the capacity of its box.

However, Microsoft has experienced a number of problems in the service that has led some users to report bug reports to the company. Some users reported problems with the display of emails from Hotmail and SkyDrive file editing.

Some users are experiencing a variety of problems with the new services that prevent proper operation. Therefore, many users are starting to use Microsoft alternative postal services and editing online to carry out their duties as normal as long as the failure of his company.

Microsoft is investigating a problem that affects a small number of customers Outlook.com Hotmail and face the barrage of complaints from  customer service of the software giant . In response, the company said it was “investigating a problem affecting access to a small number of customers to Hotmail and Outlook.com “, so expect a solution in a short time.

“Microsoft is investigating a problem that affects a small number of customers and Outlook.com Hotmail, and are working to restore full access to the service as soon as possible. For the latest information, we encourage people to visiting Outlook.com Hotmail and state “, said the Redmond company.

These problems have been used by Google to fend off attacks that has recently received from the company founded by Bill Gates . In these latter statements, the Mountain View encourage Microsoft to make services more efficient rather than “attacking” those offered by your company, as they do in their smear campaign Scroogled .

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