Example manufacturers equip the five-inch smartphone display Full HD, was contagious

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According to sources, in the first quarter of next year, the new smartphone makers will follow the example of those who have managed to release a model with five-inch display having a resolution of Full HD.

Directions were pioneers HTC and Sharp. The company introduced the HTC model HTC Butterfly earlier this month (its version for the Japanese market under the name HTC J was released in October ). This unit is the first smartphone in the world with a touch screen LCD five inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These parameters correspond to the density of 440 pixels per inch. Display manufacturer – the company Japan Display.

The company uses the smartphone Sharp Aquos SH930W five-inch screen of its own design, characterized by a density of 443 pixels per inch.

Allegedly, after the HTC and Sharp smartphones equipped with five-inch display Full HD, release of Samsung Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications, LG Electronics, Huawei Device and ZTE. In this list, only Samsung and LG have their own resources for the development and production of suitable LCD panels. Sony Mobile company can rely on the supply of panels production company Japan Display , in which it has a stake. Issue five-inch Full HD displays for smartphones company Japan Display beginning in October.

Huawei Device, ZTE and other Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers will buy panels from Japan Display, Sharp and LG, industry sources believe.

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