Everything is green: “Angry Birds” takes banda Green Day to new game on Facebook

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The producer Rovio banda and Green Day have teamed up to produce a new series of the game “Angry Birds” characters that have inspired the Californian trio (for those who do not remember, the pigs are green game), Finnish developer announced on Tuesday.

The new musical episode of the game made famous on iPhone and Android devices will have 10 stages with unprecedented piggies inspired by members of the Grammy-winning band: Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool Dimt (see illustration below).The intent of the partnership is to launch the exclusive track and still unpublished “Troublemaker”, plus the band’s recent single “Oh Love,” both from the band’s new album “¡Uno!”, Scheduled for release September 25.

According to Rovio, this is your first type of partnership that unites music, video and games.The band, meanwhile, said it was “fan of this addictive game.”The new episode of the game arrives next quarter exclusively for the series “Friends Angry Birds” available on Facebook.

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