European Space Agency explores possibility of coordinating with China spaceflight

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A senior official of the ESA confirmed the study of possible joint missions to put men and women in orbit, the astronauts point of the continent are learning Chinese.

Before the end of this decade, European astronauts could get to space aboard Chinese ships, confirmed Tuesday a senior official of the European Space Agency (ESA, English).division chief spaceflight revealed body the agency is exploring the possibility of joint missions with the Asian power. “would welcome a European astronaut flying aboard a Chinese spacecraft,” said Thomas Reiter, during an interview at the International Air Show ILA in Berlin . In 2003, China became the third country capable of sending humans into space using its own resources, along with the United States and Russia. A single vendor Former German astronaut said the ESA plans to deepen cooperation with its Chinese counterpart, to allow joint missions “in the second half of this decade.” “In fact, some of our astronauts have started learning Chinese language,” he said. The ESA does not have the capability to launch astronauts and depends on the acquisition space spacecraft U.S.and Russia. since the demise of the space shuttle, Europe became dependent on this aspect of the Russian space program. “I think it’s an issue of high-level political negotiations to see if a common mission can be accomplished.” An aspect is important in the negotiations is the possibility that China participates in the International Space Station, where U.S. objections be saved. “A European astronaut aboard a Chinese spacecraft would be a powerful signal” in this regard, said the manager of the ESA.

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