Ericsson sues Samsung for patent violation

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Ericsson has unveiled Tuesday a patent violation lawsuit against Samsung in the United States after the latter refused to renew a license agreement on the terms known as’ fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory “(FRAND), as reported by the Swedish manufacturer.

   The dispute between the two companies has its origin technology Ericsson patents essential to various standards used by telecommunications network and Samsung products and other inventions patented by the Swedish firm that are frequently used in mobile products consumer electronics.

   Ericsson has stated that he has no choice but to “legal action” after fruitless negotiations process two years he had with Samsung and after the Korean refusal to renew the license on the same terms as their competitors had accepted previously.

   The company explained that Samsung had licensed its patents signed in 2001 and renewed in 2007, but it has recently expired.

   Director of Intellectual Property Ericsson, Kasim Alfalahi, has indicated that Ericsson has about 30,000 patents and more than 100 licensing agreements with leading companies in the industry. “Ericsson has tried to reach an amicable agreement with Samsung for signing FRAND licensing terms. Resorted to litigation as a last resort,” he added.

   The Swedish firm said that companies who want to use their technology need a license to do so. “These licensing agreements have helped create the current successful global communications industry to drive expansion and reduce barriers to entry for new players,” said the firm.

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