Ericsson is almost 2200 a patent rights recycler

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Ericsson has handed over 2185 patents and patent applications to a recycling company called Unwired Planet. The former publisher of software for mobile devices (then under the name of Openwave Systems) is wholly focused on the licensing of intellectual property rights, which the usual definition of a patent troll equivalent because it does not manufacture its own products or markets. He became known through lawsuits against Apple, Google and RIM .

EricssonLogo2011 Openwave for example, had a complaint against Appleand RIM filed with the International Trade Commission, but withdrew it in October 2012 in order to concentrate on a parallel civil proceedings in Delaware. In September 2012, the company extended, then the name was already Unwired Planet, its action on Google , and supplemented it with additional patents.

The collection of Unwired Planet had originally comprised 260 patents. Now there are more than 2400, it claims to be 753 rights around 2G, 3G and LTE wireless technologies. Between 2014 and 2018 Ericsson hopes every year to be able to pass more than 100 patents to the recycler.

In return Ericsson participation in any royalties and damages. With revenues up $ 100 million, this will be 20 percent, 50 percent of supplies between 100 and 500 million dollars and 70 percent of sales, the higher. Moreover, it gets even licenses for all of Unwired Planet held rights.

Ericsson had issued after the end of the smartphone joint venture with Sony’s strategy to achieve more sales with patents. A year ago, it convened with Kasim Alfalahi a Head of Intellectual Property Department. In November 2012, it announced during a U.S. lawsuit against Samsungwith that it possesses 30,000 patents and have completed 100 contracts with licensees.

“With this transaction, the collection of Unwired Planet inventions represent several decades, during which have mobile infrastructure, mobile technology and wireless services be developed,” says Alfalahi now. “We are pleased to have concluded this contract as an alternative to a separate business license.”

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