Enterbrain designs based laptops Sega consoles

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The Japanese retailer Enterbrain has created a line of laptops based on Sega consoles. The design of these PCs are based on consoles Sega MegaDrive, Saturn and Dreamcast and inside have wallpapers and even sounds characteristic of this mythical consoles. The price of the devices ranges between 795 and 1,549 euros .

   Sega released a total of seven consoles . Among the more successful are Sega Mega Drive (1988), successor to Sega Master System, Sega Saturn (1995) and Sega Dreamcast (1998), the seventh and last console that was developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Hitachi and competed PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in the market. Currently these Sega consoles are a real collector’s item.

   But for those who had to get rid of their consoles, a Japanese retailer has found the perfect solution to return to these consoles Sega fans , albeit in a different format. Enterbrain has created a line of laptop whose design and some features of its software are based on the last three Japanese company’s consoles.

   Overall this notebook line is completed with four computers. In terms of design, the cover of the computers are in line with their consoles with the same colors and logo. Inside, computers have the Windows 8 operating system , 15.6-inch, depending on the model, since Intel processors ranging from 4 to 8 GB. They come preintalados with images, icons and sounds characteristic of each of the consoles.

   For now, these laptops are not going to get out of the Japanese market . These are available from 99,750 to 195,250 yen, ie from 795 to 1549 euros, depending on model.

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