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 Goodspeed , the first real alternative to forget roaming costs and high data rates abroad. It is a mobile wireless device that offers Internet access 24/7 and has been developed by the Finnish company UROS .

It’s a great news for users who need to travel constantly either work or personal issues, and who can finally stop worrying about the phone bill during their stay abroad. With Goodspeed You get up to 1 GB of data to be always connected with Germany, Belgium, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland and many other countries for only 5.90  per day, without having to worry about the high cost of roaming .

With this device avoids having to always depend on Free WiFi networks hotels that in some cases do not provide all the security you wish. Well, with Goodspeed in this sense can have all the peace of the world for that connections are always maximum safety in all countries where they can be used.



Acquiring Goodspeed in Spain is very simple, comes pre-installed in order to use in countries like Germany, UK, Italy, etc … while in other places must be requested through the page web of UROS before each trip. An important point is the flexibility it includes features to load up to 10 countries different target simultaneously.

Furthermore, Goodspeed can share your connection with up to 5 devices to be independent of a phone or a tablet, for example, no cables or accessories, allowing you to create a private network WiFi itself. For peace of mind, is updated automatically and requires no additional software or manual configuration to connect to a local network from another country and provide secure access with speeds up to 21 Mbps .

It is available through Avanwire SL, MasMovil, EUROLOGISTICA Direct,


The Phone House Telecom and Vozelia, with a recommended retail price of € 229 , including statements services, automatic updates and destination management for a monthly fee of € 9.90 . The daily flat rate Internet access is virtually unlimited and only € 5.90 is charged when the user accesses the network.

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