Electrical Bacteria

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Some bacteria can behave like electrical wires . This is the surprising finding of a team of scientists, obtained during the analysis of electric currents on the seabed.

At the time thought that these currents circulating between bacteria through external networks in the seabed. However, just to solve the mystery. The currents are produced inside bacteria. 

Scientists observed through the microscope, a hitherto unknown type of bacteria multicellular always present when the researchers measured electrical currents. “The idea that these bacteria could be confirmed when power lines are observed within the bacteria, wire-like strings surrounded by a membrane.

The bacterium is one hundred times thinner than a hair and is formed by numbers of insulated wires within it. Something very similar to the cables that we know today.

Cables complex biological

“These biological wires seem simple, but they are incredibly complex nanoscale ,found while  analyzing  the nanotools electrical PROPERTIES bacteria.

Thus, a square meter on the sea floor can accommodate tens of thousands of miles of electrical bacteria.

Just the ability to conduct electrical current contributes to the bacteria multitude of benefits that will allow, among other things, get more energy decomposition processes in the seabed.

Unlike other forms of life, this bacterium maintains an efficient combustion in the oxygen-free part of the seabed, but only requires that the bacteria reach extreme oxygen seawater that provides the seabed. However, small perturbations can cause an “open circuit”, fatal to the bacteria more fragile.

“On one hand, this finding is still unreal and fantastic. Moreover, it also is very tangible .


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