Electric Transmission through 4 inches concrete

Japanese scientists create a system that allows wireless transmission of 60 watts and could revolutionize electric cars

A research group at the Toyohashi University of Technology wants totransmit power to a moving vehicle , while rolling on the road .Have presented a method for traversing a layer of concrete 10 cmthick and deliver an initial energy of 50 to 60Watts (or Watts) with an efficiency exceeding 90%. With ads like these, the electrified routes in Japan, soon start to become a reality.

The demonstration took place at the 2012 Wireless PDA, a wireless trade show. The researchers showed there wireless transmission technology for energy, which couples an electric field to the tires of a car through a layer of the same concrete used for public roads in Japan.

The group made significant progress in increasing the transmitted power ( 50 to 60Watts ), and also with respect to how much material between the plates was transmitting power and tires, a concrete structure 10 centimeters thick. Another outstanding virtues of the system is that the energy transfer efficiency can exceed 90% .

The researchers said possible to use this same technology with a layer of20 centimeters or more of concrete , which is the standard measure used in long-distance routes, suitable for heavy trucks. This possibility arises because of the highly conductive properties found in the concrete.

Highway use

To get to put this technology into practical use, the power transferred would have to be multiplied by one hundred . However, they said it’s not a big problem since the elements necessary to raise the energy index are relatively inexpensive.

The idea of the team is using this type of energy transfer technology to complement existing systems on electric vehicles. During the first stage, the extra energy input could feed some secondary systems of cars.

To have achieved the same efficiency as Sony with its wireless TV-which is energized through 50 centimeters of air, but with the addition of concrete, is a merit that proud and motivates them to continue developing a system that, perhaps, in the future become a standard in the world of electric cars , either as food or as a secondary battery charging system. The road, still, will be long. Would have to change completely the manufacture of tires receptor, as well as introducing the emitters on the roads.

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