“Election” and “iPhone 5” is Yahoo’s most popular search terms in 2012

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The iPhone has his title as the most-searched term on Yahoo can defend.  iPhone 5 “landed this year in” elections “in second place of the words- annual review of Yahoo They are followed by three prominent women: reality soap star Kim Kardashian, U.S. model Kate Upton, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and singer Whitney Houston.

Seventh occupy the Olympic Games that took place in the summer in London. Of the eight most common search term “Political Polls” turn, is connected with the presidential elections in the United States. Actress Lindsay Lohan and pop singer Jennifer Lopez complete the top ten of 2012.



For ten years, Yahoo released in December, the most popular search terms of the year. Twice an electronic device debuted at number one: In 2002, the PlayStation 2 and in 2011 the iPhone.2003 was “KaZaA” the most searched word, 2004 “American Idol”. Four times – namely from 2005 to 2008 – Britney Spears led the list. 2009 Michael Jackson won, and in 2010 the most searched for “BP oil spill”.

Yahoo lists in its annual chart to other categories such as the most searched “obsessions”, where the iPhone 5 is also the first rank as the most wanted gadgets. In the latter category, the squares are two to five iPad 3, iPad Mini , Samsung Galaxy S3, and Kindle Fire. Also represented in the top ten iPhone 4, Nook, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Although Yahoo’s search results come from Microsoft , the questions vary but apparently: The most searched news on Bing iPhone 5 leads the rankings – ahead of the U.S. presidential election, the Olympics and Hurricane Sandy. Kim Kardashian was 2012, the most wanted person on Bing and referred teen pop star Justin Bieber on the second place.

Germany provides for Yahoo no overall ranking of the most popular searches. Here it lists in its annual review only categories such as “subjects, the 2012 Moved the World”, “The biggest Celebrity Scandals,” “The best Facebook on-stories “,” Moving Farewell “and the winners and losers of the year.

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