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Those who are not physicists must make an effort to understand these issues because, like it or not, they impact the big questions of life, such as what if everything is matter and is governed by the laws of physics, then there there is free will and freedom? And what if we are not free, it is worthwhile endeavor and, indeed, worth living? Fortunately there are excellent books that explain to nonspecialists advances frontiers of physics, such as Michio Kaku, Brian Greene or the Harvard professor Lisa Randall.


Encouraged by this result, the monistic and materialistic ends emphasize that all the phenomena of humanity are reducible to physics and the mind or consciousness or the self does not exist and there are words that refer to mental functions of the brain which are explicable in terms of the engagement of neurons and cells, but, as these complexes of atoms, could be ultimately explained by the laws of physics.

Contrary to the arguments of so-called monistic, there is a pluralistic thought in its restricted-dualism, he argues that, apart from matter, there is another dimension, which some call consciousness, mind, self or soul. But other scientists and philosophers who argue that, besides the material universe and of subjective consciousness, there is a world of abstract and symbolic structures of thought, created by humans, but they acquire an extracorporeal existence and objective, as the myths , religions, rules, laws, constitutions, scientific theories, among many others. Is the universe of thought, autonomous and independent creators of their subjects, that influences and affects the material world.

For pluralists, monists ends meet and order we refer to these different universes to matter, not because of their characteristics, but according to our ignorance, but that someday science will be able to refute definitively. Meanwhile, pluralists argue monists have to remember all the way to go missing physics. For example, the same standard model, even after checking the Higgs boson, still has many arbitrary variables or machetes, as we say in Colombia. That is a conceptual framework that incorporates only three fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetism and the two nuclear forces, but has not been able yet to incorporate gravity, which is explained by the general theory of relativity, Einstein . That this model explains only 4% of visible matter and that very little is known about the remaining 96% of the universe, among many other questions. But above all there is to tell the monists is that if they believe their arguments, or if traveling abroad or making love, they do freely. They are slaves of some equations, not yet discovered, that determine their lives are nothing more than wishful thinking.

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