Dropbox is updated with a new design and more clear notifications

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Dropbox, the popular site cloud storage, today announced major changes to their service. The company has added some new features to your desktop menu , so that you can test these improvements at opening the service. One of the most important is related to the organization and management tasks .



In fact, from now you can manage your invitations to shared folders, links and albums that others have shared with you from the DropBox menu . This is a kind of timeline or chronological list of tasks that will allow you to hand your recent documents, and shipping arrangements. In fact, from now will be much easier to accept invitations to access shared folders or view all documents (text files, images, audio, etc.) that others have shared with you.

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Thanks to the total renovation of the interface the user can also access more quickly to certain services, since at the top find shortcuts that will be supplemented by a list of the latest changes and you had indicated . Within this menu the user modifications can perform various actions, such as accepting an invitation to share a folder or just reject it . From now you can do it all from within the desktop application. You see, you can simply tap on the button “Share” or “Share” which is right next to the document to send an invitation to the contacts you want and to share the file almost immediately.

But the desktop application is not the only one who has received this set of changes. In fact, DropBox also announced the arrival of an update for mobile applications . If you have a smart phone equipped with iOS ( iPhone ) and Android will also have access to folders shared in a more agile and direct and you can control your documents, or share access them anytime, anywhere. If you want to start testing these tools, you must first update the application. In principle you should have received a notice telling you that you have an update for DropBox in the chamber . If you have not received or you have not yet installed can access the App Store or Google Play to download the application. These hours have been updated, so you can start the installation.

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The update also should have arrived to your computer. In fact, it was expected that would be effective from eight o’clock in the evening , so right now and should be by testing your new panel Dropbox , both from your computer or from your mobile phone or tablet. In any case, if you see that the update fails or does not detect changes to your interface, we recommend you access the official website of DropBox . From there you can make a direct download and manually renew the program. If you’re already testing can share your opinions in the comments section.

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