Dropbox integrates Facebook amid controversy of privacy

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Facebook has reached an agreement with Dropbox , a leading storage companies cloud content, to enable users to share files even if they are large.

Dropbox is displayed as an icon within the social network groups, allowing members of the same may send each other files for later download more quickly and easily .

To share these files, you need to have previously opened an account with Dropbox and require that the documents you want to get your contacts are already uploaded to the cloud service.

This initiative could be part of the plan of Facebook to be also useful in the professional world, in order to cope with the social network for excellence in this field , LinkedIn.

The integration of the portal created by Mark Zuckerberg and Dropbox comes at a time of distrust Facebook by users. And no wonder.

Although the ultimate social network continues to deny it, continuing complaints from many users from different countries who say they have found  in their walls are published thousands of private messages written in previous years that had been sent privately.

The controversy erupted when several users in France realized this, doing a review of his biography and has already reached several countries.Therefore, many users have chosen to hide their profiles all the messages on their wall from previous years .

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