Dropbox helps locate stolen equipment

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The storage service in the cloud, Dropbox , can be used to help you locate lost or stolen laptop, thanks to a fast and simple trick shared by Hack College. If you have Dropbox installed on the device, coming in from any computer to your account Dropbox by accessing the service provided through web access. 



Once in your profile, go to the Settings section and click on the Security tab . Check how you can see the list of computers that are connected to the service, the time to have done that, and the country or place from which communication is established. The access you have made ​​your stolen device will leave the corresponding mark on Dropbox , since we can find out the date and time the session started and the IP address from which you have carried out access. In case you want to get contact the person who has stolen the team, or that you found, you can always try to create a new text document and store it in your account Dropbox . Do it right when you see that your computer is being used, as indicated above. If you disabled the visual notification on your computer, a fact that enabled by default on all accounts of Dropbox , which in use will see the notification, so that you can access the document. Try to offer a reward for your device, depending on how important it is for you. Just so you get it back, even if the result of compensation.

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