Driverless cars: Google have come almost 500,000 miles without an accident

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The company has a dozen driverless vehicles in circulation, but says there are still aspects to refine. Google has added a Lexus hybrid SUV your car without a driver group.

Google has the first results of his experiments with driverless cars : the company has already accumulated 300,000 miles traveled by vehicles, about 482,800 miles to change, and so far none of the cars had an accident. “It has covered a wide range of traffic conditions and there has been a single accident while under computer control,” explains in a post on the official Google blog Chris Urmson, chief engineer of the project.

The company has kept a dozen vehicles on the road “at all times” but says there are still many driving experiences to test and tune. Thus, the firm says it still must refine how to deal with snow covered roads and improve the interpretation of the signals work and other unexpected elements to the drivers around the world face on a daily basis.

The driverless cars Google are legal in Nevada , which permits the registration of such vehicles subject to stop at a million dollars bail .Prior to this legal approval, Google cars had already traveled 1,000 kilometers by U.S. highways, always accompanied by a software engineer analyzing the driving and responding in case of incidents.Despite the permission, the vehicles still carry a human driver that can solve any problem.

Google will continue the tests, which continue to have their human caretaker. The firm has built a new vehicle testing, the Lexus RX450h , a hybrid SUV that will allow you to explain, deal with driving in a different type of terrain. In the following tests, automobiles circulate also independently, rather than in groups of two like made so far.

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