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Recently taken in a case of piracy, and storage service Dropbox online sharing speeds on site security and erects a wall hastily inspired Google: double authentication.

Casualty, last month, acts of piracy , Dropbox was then committed to strengthening the security of its users. It’s done.

In accordance with the promises made, a method of double identification is introduced. It is simply to add a step in the authentication process.In this case, sending a code received by SMS or via a mobile application such as Google Authenticator.Deployed in the new version of the client (1.5.2) for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, the system is not operational by default.

Protection being activated at the initiative of the user who will connect to this effect on the Dropbox web interface and go to the “Security” tab, enriched repetition recent weeks: privacy options are now legion.

A spare key allows the deactivation of emergency, especially if you forget the password or unavailability of the mobile terminal used to read the PIN.

The operation seems to remain some say risky. The system probably knows a few mistakes, sometimes requires several attempts fails or simply not send SMS to the number specified.

In force in the Google Apps ecosystem since the beginning of 2010, two-factor authentication extended in February 2011, on-line services from the same publisher. Facebook has taken in stride .

With the ignition delay, Dropbox cure its ills failing to warn them. Storage specialist online has indeed recently found stuck in a curious case of piracy .

Enrollment on the platform complained to receive an abnormal amount of spam. The ensuing investigation determined that intruders had access to the account of an employee of Dropbox.

There was a file that contained a substantial list of email addresses, presumably stored in the clear in the context of a business project.

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