‘Dotcom’ apologizes for joke about sexual abuse

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The founder of the portal Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, has apologized today to his more than 132,000 followers have recently reported on social media jokes about sexual abuse.

In his first comment, Dotcom made an allusion to the rape charges in Sweden facing WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to fantasize about being a fly at a meeting between New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, and Secretary of State U.S., Hillary Clinton. “Fly on the Wall. John Hillary: ‘Sorry Madam President, ahem, secretary. Please give me another chance. Should we claim rape?'” Said Dotcom on Saturday on Twitter.

Dotcom, who hopes in New Zealand begin the process of extradition to the United States for alleged hacking, was forced to delete his post due to the wave of criticism from fans and the media, according to the website Fairfax NZ News. But today the German billionaire has relapsed and has posted on Twitter a link to “15 jokes about rape that work” with the warning not to read your content unless they have a sense of humor, which has fallen very ill several of his followers.
Soon after, in other Tuits German billionaire has apologized “if I offended anyone.
Kate Harding is a feminist who was raped and she thought these jokes were funny” and has called “rape as one of the worst crimes.” Dotcom, who has been mainly used social networks to defend its case, said that those who do not make mistakes are those who do nothing. “I think, fight, tweeted, joking and I make mistakes. Caught me!” Said in reference to criticisms, after justifying that laughter has been a tool that has helped him cope with pain, anger and frustration that has dominated her life in recent months.
Last January, Dotcom was arrested along with three Megaupload executives at his mansion outside Auckland as part of an operation led by the U.S. against hacking that included the closing of its portal, the seizure of property and arrests in Europe.
Last January, ‘Dotcom’ was arrested along with three Megaupload executives at his mansion on the outskirts of Auckland as part of an operation led by the United States against hacking that included the closing of its portal, the seizure of their goods and arrests in Europe.

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