The domain a business at the expense of health

The company Blue String Ventures , which owns the domain , look rich by selling its name from 120,000 euros

ebola dot com

Domain names are essential for building Internet as a whole. Behind them, there is a significant business worth billions of euros in its sale.And money does not understand disease. The company Blue String Ventures , which owns the domain , looks rich from the sale of this name, which it acquired in 2008 for about ten thousand euros.

These are the hidden intentions of the owner of this company entrepreneur, Jon Schultz , who tries to find a buyer to deposit $ 150,000 (120,000 euros). And all for the sake of doing business at the expense of the Ebola epidemic , which has killed More than four thousand people in Africa and has jeopardized some countries like Spain, where a nursing assistant, Teresa Romero , has been infected with the virus after treating the missionary Viejo Manuel Garcia , 69, who died last September 25 after being repatriated from Sierra Leone .

After appearing first cases of the virus infected patients in western countries, the domain has not only grown in internet traffic. “According to statistics, we are recording 5,000 pages daily visits just because people write to see what’s there, “Schultz noted in an interview with the newspaper “The Washington Post” .

His intentions, he says, is to put the domain to a prestigious company that gets to provide it with useful content to the domain. “I have much experience in this kind of domains and I think $ 150,000 is a reasonable price”, said Schultz, who also owns the domain -gripe aviar-. Asked about his intentions, the employer defends ensuring the program is not trying to profit from the deaths of those suffering from Ebola.

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