Does the iPhone 5S will change the current trend of Apple?

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In the first part of this article we clear about the need for what could be iPhone 5S is the Apple of reconciliation with both users and analysts in retrieving the “essence” that the products of this company have been in mobility. Therefore, the current iPhone 5, if being a bad device, has not met the expectations that were in it.

iPhone 5S

One of the first things that should be known and that the Cupertino should consider it and really worth to be called iPhone 5S. Some argue that the earlier leave the numbering five, the better, and, therefore, to give the jump to iPhone 6 would be a success. Thus, just as the name would change the way you look and announce something new and different.

Not a bad option, but this, it does mean a different way of acting to which Apple has had in recent times and, to deny, would recognize that this product range has been inadequate.Therefore, one would have to assess very carefully the effect it would have and I possible “collateral damage”.

Another aspect that will need to improve on your next product innovation. Sector companies have taken good note of the modus operandi of Apple itself, and every time it launches a new reference model that comes with interesting news. An example of this is Sony Xperia Z and its resistance to dust and water (dives) or wireless charging of Nokia Lumia 920 .The case is to be included in iPhone 5S new technologies, and offer not only more muscle. What do you expect?Perhaps the most viable options for patents that Apple has, are those relating to battery life and also on possibilities ofaugmented reality … but, for now, and as usual, nothing is known.


Battles on different fronts

That’s because Apple has different open warfare on the market, and we refer to patents. The first and most obvious is the one with Google and its development Android . For some time activations with this operating system are superior toiOS and the main reason is the wide range of products both in quantity and price range. Here it would be good to arrive some additional iPhone models, and in this way to respond to the market and that every user can access one of its products.

IOS and Android logos

But not the only front. An example of this is the arrival of the new product range of RIM, although at first not be a big rival, whether new BlackBerry 10 offer good quality and behavior, is a participant in the market high range and, therefore, Apple could not rest on their laurels when launching their new iPhone 5S to keep pace and that has no rival to its level of output.

Additionally, efforts by the company to gain a foothold in the business market to be affected, so the good behavior of iPhone 5S is crucial to keep your new privileged position.

Anyway, Apple is facing a crucial moment because the mobility market is competitive and try and therefore has been seen, their current phone does not seem able to stand out from the rest. This means that iPhone 5S need and also the innovations sufficient to be what they need the Cupertino: position them, again, as the reference.

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