Do we need 300GB Optical Drives?

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You can have a good home in the cinema, but as users move away from optical media, the potential of Blu-ray as backup format is diluted by the way. Now, Sony and Panasonic plan to replace it in 2015 with a new standard that will 300GB optical discs . The 4K comes quickly to mind, but is it necessary?

Sony Optical Drives

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Although demand for optical discs has not disappeared, it is clear that the trend is away from users that technology in favor of more dynamic options such as storage Flash. Online downloads are also doing their part, and while the cloud still has several limitations (commencing with speed) , are increasingly preferred as the backup alternative. With a minimum of 25 GB in its favor, the Blu-ray discs are very solid options to make backups , but the truth is that they have concentrated all their might in movies and video games, staying a bit isolated from everyday use. Despite this, and initiatives to further expand its capacity, both Sony and Panasonic are already thinking about replacement.


Both giants have signed an agreement to develop a standard that will present a new generation of optical disc with a capacity of 300 gigabytes . Under the variant BDXL, Blu-ray disc can reach up to 128 gigabytes, although in practical situations, the most common is to find 25 or 50 discs gigabytes. A curious detail is that both companies mentioned the so-called “cartridge format” , which can contain several optical discs at a time. Sony had already created something similar under his XDCAM series, with units with capacities ranging from 300 to 1,500 gigabytes, while LB-DM9 series of twelve cartridges Panasonic uses disks with 100 GB of space each.

The basic question is how useful it is for the end user to introduce a new format optical discs . It has been confirmed that 2015 will be the year of its debut, so there is still a good wait ahead. The first thing we think is the physical distribution of 4K content . There are some projects that seek to stream at that resolution, but  300GB optical disc may be a more viable shortcut in the medium term, until the Web is to rise to the occasion. As usual, it comes down to a matter of cost. The Blu-ray format took too long to get down to acceptable levels, and by more than the increase in capacity is significant, it will not help if the hardware required has a stratospheric price.

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