Do not be a workaholic, off on holiday

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Professional Studies Center Specializing in Anxiety Disorders (CEETA) , warn of the need to relax and disconnect from work on holiday for at least ten days and lists some tips for the holidays reach their goal: relax.

These tips arise because an increasing number of people addicted to work (workaholic) that suffer from stress, even in the holiday recess . For them, the holiday instead of being a time to relax and forget your worries, they become quite the opposite, as they fail to disconnect from their work everyday.

36% of people recognize they think at work during their rest days and 42% report that answers e-mails or calls related to their employment.

More than half of the Professional, namely 51%, think about work while on vacation , a proportion that has increased by almost 20% since 2009 by stress caused by the crisis and the uncertainty it creates among workers.

According CEETA “is commonly found in our consultations to patients explaining that his problem began during his vacation” with multiple symptoms characterized by an excessive and disproportionate concern about work-related issues.

In addition, during the holidays should not have a strict schedule grueling schedules , although not related to our work because the only thing you are changing is the kind of commitments that are made, but not require the same effort. Some tips to achieve their goal holidays :

  1. Getting placed limits on oneself and others (not to yield to the demands of work that do not respect the vacation time)
  2. Find pleasurable activities that generate personal satisfaction, and can function as “delivery vehicle” tension: physical activities, social, or even mental and puzzle games.
  3. Maintain a balanced diet, combining it with the pleasure of eating different and tasty, as they tend to decrease levels of anxiety.
  4. Delegate to others, rejecting the false belief “nobody will do better or faster than me.”
  5. Do not pretend to produce radical changes in personality.
  6. Give your body time to adapt to climate changes, water or food.
  7. Having a quiet last day of work.

Good advice but nothing like what they offer companies like Full Contact devoted precisely to manage social networking accounts for businesses, developers and users, and offers its employees a bonus of 6,100 euros under two conditions, go on holiday outside their city of origin and completely disconnect from work, especially the use of social networks and instant messaging.

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