Discovery of Giant Planet 13 times heavier than Jupiter

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A team of astronomers has discovered a new giant planet, a super Jupiter , near the bright star Kappa Andromedae, 170 light years from Earth. Not only have they been able to detect this new world, but they have directly watching, something that has been achieved only rarely. The planet is located at a distance from its star similar to the Sun than Neptune remains, which, according to astronomers, seems a clear sign that formed similarly to how they did other smaller rocky worlds, in a disk protoplanetary gas and dust. A paper describing the results of astronomers will be published inThe Astrophysical Journal Letters .

Designated Kappa Andromedae b (Kappa and B, for short), the new object has a diameter 10% larger than Jupiter, but is much heavier. has a mass 12.8 times that of the fifth planet from the sun.This puts you in the line that separates the planets more massive brown dwarfs less massive, an intermediate object between planets and stars. This ambiguity is one of the charms of the object, say the researchers, who believe that the super Jupiter can embrace both.“According to conventional models of planetary formation, Kappa and B falls just short of the ability to generate energy by fusion, in which case it would be considered a brown dwarf rather than a planet,” says Michael McElwain, Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

The massive planets slowly radiate excess heat from their own training.For example, Jupiter radiates about twice the energy it receives from the Sun But if the object is massive enough, is capable of producing energy internally merging a heavy form of hydrogen called deuterium.(The stars like the Sun, on the other hand, produce energy through a similar process but with hydrogen.) Theoretical mass can occur where the fusion of deuterium – about 13 times the mass of Jupiter-lowest mark possible for a brown dwarf . Indeed, the new planet is on the edge.

 The discovery of Kappa And B also allows astronomers to explore other theoretical limit.Astronomers have argued that big stars commonly produce large planets, but experts predict that the stellar scale can only be extended to the stars with a few times the mass of the sun then the thing becomes more difficult. The more massive a star is younger, brighter and hotter it gets, resulting in a powerful radiation that could disrupt the formation of planets in a circumstellar disk of gas and dust. However, “this object shows that the stars as big as Kappa And, of 2.5 times the mass of the Sun, are fully capable of producing planets,” says Carson.

Bright red

The discovery of super Jupiter has been made possible by the Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The direct images of exoplanets are rare because faint objects often lost in the bright glow of the star. The team focused on the star Kappa And because of its relative youth, estimated at the tender age of 30 million years , only 0.7% of the age of our solar system. The star is 170 light years away in the direction of the constellation Andromeda and is visible to the naked eye.

Kappa And b orbits its star at 55 times the average distance from Earth to the Sun and about 1.8 times farther than Neptune is from the Sun The object has a temperature of about 1,400 degrees Celsius and a red appear bright if viewed closely by the human eye.

Carson team recognized the object of independent observations in four different infrared wavelengths in January and July this year. By comparing the two images taken with half year apart showed Kappa and B have the same motion across the sky that its star, demonstrating that the two objects are bound together by gravity and travel together through space.

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