Discovered a new species of insect by the Flickr social network

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An entomologist has discovered a new species of insect that lives in Malaysia without leaving home. Shaun L. Winterton, Department of Food and Agriculture of Californa, I was browsing photos on Flickr , the popular website for sharing images, when he noticed a green lacewing portrayed by photographer Guek Hock Ping. His body was like that of any female of the green lacewing family Semachrysa, but had a series of lines and spots that had never seen before. Puzzled, Winterton sent photos to several colleagues and, after long discussions, it was concluded that a variation not listed.

The entomologist then got in touch with the photographer to communicate their findings. He decided to return to the same place to try to get more pictures and managed to portray another female. In parallel, Winterton and other scientists discovered that the Natural History Museum in London had a copy without knowing it. No one had cataloged.Now has a name: Semachrysa Jade, in honor of the daughter of Winterton.

The magazine Zookeys has just published this story with an articlesigned by Shaun Winterton themselves, Hock Ping and Stephen J. GuekBrooks, Natural History Museum of London, which describes the features of the new species and reveal the unique way it was discovered.

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