Discovered a botnet of Android devices.

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Seems to be a way that everything that is successful must inevitably go over their existence. Is there no doubt that the use of the vast and growing network of mobile Android is raging at the security and privacy, and if you needed proof to be believed, a researcher at Microsoft has just discovered a botnet of Android devices Yahoo! Mail uses to take advantage and make money and then sending spam SMS from mobiles affected.

The most pernicious Internet, with its nooks and malicious criminals know a little more computer niches and to detect the focus of their attacks on what is growing and it provides enough facilities to take advantage. In this sense, the explosion of attacks on Android phones and the constant barrage of spam is not an accident but the result of an unlawful activity as mounting an international botnet Android devices that today are making much money sitting on misinformation and ingenuity of millions.

Suspicions were expressed on the table of strategies, but only recently, and after investigation he called exhaustive, Terry Zink, Microsoft engineer, has discovered a botnet and full international is attacking over and through Android devices. The owners of the phones and tablets are taken through the creation of thousands of applications for Android false or have failed when the link is to acquire or seem to work properly but in fact are taking credit for your post SMS from the phone expensive for “collected all the trouble.” That is, the devices are used to send and receive spam that not only cost money to those who suffer, but also endangers their safety and their data.

The details revealed in the MSDN blog talk about a method that has as main objective to make money from mobile users after spam reaches users from boxes of Yahoo Mail. The funny thing is that from the same subject in the mail written information is as follows: “Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android” would seem to indicate the hackers devised a malware that can take Yahoo! Mail accounts and use them to send these messages to large scale using a botnet of Android devices interconnected . The location of the botnet was easy, yet not so much. Is that Yahoo! Mail provides the sender’s IP, the problem is that the addresses come from different countries such as Chile, Thailand, Ukraine, Oman, Lebanon, Indonesia, Russia, among others.

According to him, many of these conditions are given by the free and illegal downloading of Yahoo! Mail and other services that usually are extra. What he proposes as a first solution is that Android users only use Googe Play to download applications and so have security on it.

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