Discover dazzling Mayan temple in Guatemala Night Sun

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The color should shine on departure and in the sunset, with a light visible up to 15 miles away

A group of archaeologists by Stephen Houston of  Brown University , aired yesterday the discovery of the  Mayan Temple of the Sun Night  at the archaeological site  El Zotz, Guatemala,  located on a irámide  of 13 meters. The announcement was made at a press conference at the National Palace of Culture organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala.

“The exterior walls of the structure represent the god (Sol) in an unprecedented set of images made in painted stucco,” the statement said Brown University.

Stephen Houston explains that it is an ornate structure dating from 350 to 400 AD, and which is crowned by a temple, which is covered with masks that represent different phases of the sun accompanied by more colorful stucco ornaments.

There is a royal tomb of the founder of the first dynasty of El Zotz (Pa’chan), discovered in 2010 filled with human remains, and the temple is located just behind it, on top of the pyramid  the Devil.The structure was probably built after the tomb to venerate the leader buried there, says archaeologist.


“The pyramid the Devil is one of the most ambitious buildings decorated in ancient America,” says Houston.

“The stucco provide an unprecedented view of how the Maya conceived the heavens, as he thought of the sun, and as if the sun itself had been grafted onto the identity of the kings and dynasties that followed,” says the report

The pyramid was built both on the horizon to see the temples of Tikal, another Mayan city near you, as to be seen from the distance, according to the Ministry of Culture.

The place is 190 meters above the lowest point of the valley and 160 feet above the main square of the city El Zotz. It is a pyramid of 13 meters high, with multiple levels. 

The Temple of the Sun Night

The temple is located in the main part of a high cliff, which must have had a significant presence 1600 years ago, painted a splendid red.

The temple site is located overlooking the valley Buena Vista, one of the most important trade routes between east and west of the Maya region, reports the Ministry of Culture.

The researchers noted that  the color must shine both departure and in the sunset with a  light visible up to 15 miles away , archaeologists reported in Houston.

The masks of the different phases of the Sun, known as local-language Ajaw Kinich-move from east to west during the day, representing different deities.

One is  a fish , the first phase, when the Sun is on the horizon to the Caribbean to the east. The third phase would correspond to the  evening sun  and is represented by a  jaguar . Between each mask is illustrated venus and other planets “like jeweled bands,” the report said.

“The Temple of Night Sun announces its presence when the sun rises in the east and sinks into the horizon. The sun rises in the back of the temple, rises above the building that houses the tomb of the ruler and founder of the first dynasty of El Zotz (Pa’Chan), being this temple a daily reminder of eternal resurgence, “reports Ministry of Culture.

It remains to be discovered more than 70% of the temple, as the Maya built additional levels to the original structure. Experts say that it was precisely this that helped to preserve, but warn that “makes it harder to dig.”

For Guatemalan archaeologists, the temple may have a total of 14 masks at the height of the frieze, of which only 8 have been documented so it is necessary to continue exploring.Monumental structures are 1.50 meters high and each has other small face masks or glyphs.

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