Disassembled iMac shows repairs almost impossible

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iFixit has Apple’s new iMac disassembled model and found that repairs or alterations of the components are nearly impossible. For example, the front cover has been bonded to the LCD, instead of fixing the latter as in the past to usual by magnet.

To disassemble, iFixit had not just use a heat gun, but also a guitar pick – to solve both parts of each other. To open an iMac, quickly change once the memory module, and then reassemble, is not as good as possible. Buyers is recommended therefore, from the outset in doubt, order a slightly higher quality equipment than necessary.

If a customer buys, for example, the cheaper model with a classic hard drive instead of the hybrid drive “Fusion Drive”, he can not complete his iMac without soldering of one drive. For most components – such as processor, hard disk and memory – is also that a change is not possible without removing the motherboard.

iFixit rated the repair options with a total of only 3 out of 10. By comparison, the Mac Mini is rated at 8 out of 10.

The report and photos from iFixit but provide other interesting information. So has Apple chose a 2.5-inch notebook hard drive instead of a conventional 3.5-inch model, to save space. It is also protected by a rubber cover from vibration.

The new iMac’s housing can thus be smaller, that only a single fan is used. Has doubled in the number of microphones – to now two. The internal recording devices make it possible to minimize noise and background noise when FaceTime chats.

The iMac 2012 has the edge on only one-fifth the thickness of its predecessor: Here it is 5 millimeters thick and looks like a tablet in on a stand. To implement this form factor, however, Apple had to do without an optical drive. The housing is constructed of two aluminum halves that are joined at the molecular level. The model with 21-inch screen  &  the 27-inch model  will be soon available round the globe.

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