Digg, sold in pieces.

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Digg, sold in pieces to Betaworks, The Washington Post and Linkedin


Digg , the popular U.S. tool to share news and information content, was the surprise yesterday by announcing it had been acquired. This is not a merger with another company to use, but a real cutting between companies.

The incubator of start-ups New York Betaworks  would have seized the main assets of the platform between 500,000 and $ 725,000. This would include the domain, code and data traffic. Betaworks has indicated that it will include these assets in the team News.me. The CEO of Digg , Matt Williams, will join the investor Andreessen Horowitz as an entrepreneur based in the incubator when the operation is complete.

The Washington Post has run with the team of Digg . The newspaper had taken over half of this Blogger template to the U.S. in May. According to TechCrunch , The Washington Post would have paid 12 million dollars for the remaining staff.

In this division professional network Linkedin patents would have been earmarked. The networking platform would have paid about $ 4 million for 15 technologies Digg , among which include a patent for “click a button to rate a story.”

Digg has suffered enough over the past two years, with a design change that would have resulted in a fall in traffic management changes, layoffs and the abandonment of its co-founder, Kevin Rose, in March 2011.

Since its founding in 2004 Digg had obtained 45 million of funding for capital firm Greylock Partners, Marc Andreessen and the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman. At the time Google and Microsoft were interested in buying this company and internet classic. The first was about to pay $ 200 million for Digg in 2008 , a much bulkier than it has finally been agreed by all parties.

Despite this break seems that Digg will continue to exist as a place to share news as part of Betaworks, albeit with a much smaller scale. John Borthwick, also co-founder of Digg is the new CEO of the firm, explains Williams on the Digg Blog.

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