Developed eternal flash memory

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Scientists from the company Macronix, located in Taiwan’s Hsinchu city, developed a technology that can save the flash memory on the effect of aging.

The effect of aging is one of the disadvantages of flash memory, which, along with other factors – particularly value – prevents its wide distribution.The fact that the constant exposure to high voltage cell wears them, and over time, they lose the ability to make a clear logic state.

Modern flash memory loses the ability to securely store the information after 10 thousand write cycles.In the case of USB-drive, which is also based on flash memory, it has no value because, as a rule, short-term use.

However, for the SSD-drives, which are equipped with laptops, this is important, because the life of the computer may be several years.Even more important is the figure for the enterprise storage, with a high load.

Outwards to increase the viability of flash memory, the researchers drew attention to the type of memory, based on the phase state of matter.In phase memory cell changes its conductivity for heat.The researchers found that the same heating cell flash memory has the effect of recovery.

After this discovery, the scientists modified the conventional chip flash memory, adding a tiny heaters to groups of cells.Heating the cell to a temperature of 800 ° C within a few milliseconds, they were able to extend their life cycle.

According to a Macronix Khan Tina Luhe(Hang-Ting Lue), under laboratory conditions, they were able to extend the life of flash memory up to 100 million write cycles.But the company argued that the theoretical limit can be up to one billion cycles.The researchers have not yet been able to understand this limit, since the test will take a few months.

The thought of the regular heating flash question of how quickly discharged if such memory use in a laptop or other portable device.However Luhe says not to worry, because heat is necessary chips are rare.

In addition, during the experiments, scientists have found that exposure to the flash memory of high temperature increases the speed of data erasure in the cells.Engineers suggest that the use of a continuous thermal mode can improve performance drives.

The results of their experiments Macronix Taiwanese engineers plan to present at the conference IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2012, which will be held next week in San Francisco, USA.The company plans to bring the development of the market, but do not tell you when it can be done.





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