Designer resigns after ‘Timeline’ Facebook

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8 years ago, Nicholas Felton decided to publish his biography. It was a kind of chronicle of his life in the last year .To do this, data collected music he heard and airline tickets, for the number of miles he had traveled.



He said the number of books read, the photos taken … and published a detailed report which he called “The Feltron Annual Report”.

He continued his practice year after year, and was adding other information, such as restaurants we had eaten. In 2009 published a report recording the impressions of their friends about their dress or their eating habits.

In 2011, Felton Daytum created along with Ryan Case.The New York startup was grounded on careful and original work of Felton and was presented as “an elegant and intuitive tool for counting and communicating statistics Personal “.

The April 27, 2011 the young company announced it had been acquired by Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company already had in the kitchen your project ‘Timeline’, which go towards young entrepreneurs.

The idea deDaytum reflected what Facebook wanted to offer users: a biography to order the path of each user, a kind of simple and intuitive digital newspaper.

Two years later, Felton has announced he will leave the social network. “Opportunity to help shape a service so important to so many people has been very important in my career” , said Felton. “I’m very proud of the projects we’ve worked, grateful to the teams that have built,” he said.

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